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Saving Horses - Helping People

The BWC2 Crew

At BWC2, helping others is a vital part of our mission. We showcase this every day through our commitment to Saving Horses - Helping People.

BWC2 was established as a horse rescue Non-profit organization in 2009. We have grown to add programs for Special needs kids, American Veterans and First Responders.

The BWC2 crew believes it is our responsibility to make a difference in and for the communities in which we operate. 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Mahatma Gandhi

It is through the generosity of our communities that let us continue to support Veterans, First Responders and children with special needs. Click here to see how you can help. 

BWC2 encourages the community to become involved in our organization by volunteering for one or more of our programs, or working with our board on special projects.

It is through this commitment of people just like you that we are able to provide unparalleled support and service year after year.

Building healthy relationships between the lives of horses and people, using the tools of our own proprietary TCR Horsemanship

Americans Helping Americans

To be the regionally recognized facilitator of simultaneous support for three distinct, yet similar, populations: Veterans and First Reponders, Horses and Children with special needs. 

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