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BWC2 was established as a non-profit horse rescue in 2009. The BWC2 crew believes it is our responsibility to make a difference in and for the communities in which we operate. We have grown to add programs for children with special needs, American Veterans, and First Responders. Helping people is a vital part of our mission and we showcase this every day through our commitment to Saving Horses - Helping People. 

Our services are built upon the philosophy of EARNING the Trust, Confidence, and Respect of the animals and people we work with. By building these stronger, healthier relationships, BWC2 has proven success working with three distinct, yet similar groups - Veterans and First Responders, Horses and Children with Special Needs. 

Below are just some the things that make BWC2 special

  • TCR Horsemanship is unique to BWC2

  • BWC2 rescues the horses used in its programs

  • We teach TCR Horsemanship to our American Veterans and First Responders for FREE

  • Horseback riding lessons are offered for FREE to all special needs and disabled children

  • American Veterans and First Responders play an intricate role in the horse's rehabilitation process

  • Rehabilitated horses are utilized in our Children's Program

  • Veterans, First Responders and Children with special needs are welcome to participate in BWC2 programs as much as they want

  • BWC2 offers horseback riding lessons to the general public for a modest fee, to offset feed costs

Meet the Horses

Trust. Confidence. Respect.

These are the BWC2 horses that help with our lessons and serve in our community programs with Veterans, First Responders, and children with special needs. 

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